Beasts of Fable Strategy

All Legendary Pets: As with all the legendary pets, these battles highly recommend you use “speed” pets with “damage” buff abilities.

Also, do note that the pets I use are just suggestions since I myself use them. If you have any other pets of the same “type” feel free to use them instead – especially if you have a terrible Pterrordax Hatchling like myself with only 1.1k health! x)

Lil’ Bad Wolf, Pocket Reaver (2 of these is better than having a Landro), (Any flying type with more than 1.1k health), and the Zandalari Kneebiter are highly recommended to use throughout these fights. :)

No-No: #1 Lil’ Bad Wolf (speed based) #2 Pterrordax Hatchling #3 Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling. [You can of course use any other flying-type you have, I’m currently working on leveling my Gilnean Raven to replace my Pterrordax Hatchling]

Tip: Predict No-No’s Dive and Beaver Dam. Dive is normally No-No’s 2nd move to be used, and its on a 4-turn cooldown. Beaver Dam is usually used either on No-No’s 1st turn or 3rd with a 5-turn cooldown.

Ti’un the Wanderer: #1 Zandalari Kneebiter, #2 Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling, #3 Lil’ Bad Wolf.

Tips: Predict Ti’un’s Pump ability. Ti’un tends to use pump when your pet is at low HP so that it can 1 shot you (such as 1 – 1.1k health) and it’s a 2-turn ability, giving you plenty of time to counter it if you have a speedy pet with a “dodge” handy. He will use his Tidal Wave ability until your health is where he wants it. His abilities are completely RNG based as of the first round, so he will either use Pump, Shell Shield, or Tidal Wall. If you have a Kneebiter you have a chance to Black Claw + Hunting Party + Beast Passive & Hunting Party – 3shotting Ti’un – but only if he uses Pump as his first 2 turns. Shell Shield ruins it and Tidal Wave doesn’t do enough damage to trigger your Beast Passive buff.

Gorespine: #1 Landro’s Lil’ KT, #2 Pocket Reaver, #3 Lil’ Bad Wolf.

Tips: Honestly, so long as you have a Pocket Reaver you pretty much win the fight against Gorespine (since he can normally down atleast 70-80% of Gorespine’s Health). Gorespine is a fight you need to be able to have enough health for, and enough damage for – not much predicting involved. Pocket Reaver has a decent amount of health and the ability called “Supercharge“, while the Lil’ Bad Wolf has the ability to dodge 2 of Gorespine’s abilities + use “Howl“.

Greyhoof: #1 Zandalari Kneebiter, #2 Landro/Pocket Reaver

Tips: Greyhoof is the same as Gorespine, you defeat him with damage and havign a pet with say 1.2k – 1.3k health. Although, Gorespine does more damage, even with Greyhoof’s double damage boost. The Zandalari Kneebiter is capable of downing 80% – 100% of Greyhoof’s health alone. So if you have a mechanical pet that can endure and kill off Greyhoof’s last 500 health or whatever (Pocket Reaver!!), you should be able to down him without any troubles.

Skitterer Xi’a: #1 Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling, #2 Lil’ Bad Wolf, #3 Living Sandling

Tips: Take advantage of “Squawk“, damage-boosting pets, and any pets that can slow a target or out-speed 375. Especially when using dodge/burrow/lift-off types of abilities.

Lucky Yi: #1 Zandalari Kneebiter…… or Lil’ Bad Wolf.

Tip: If you have a Zandalari Kneebiter, just use “Black Claw” and “Hunting Party” and Lucky Yi should be dead. If he does live, just use Bloodfang afterwards and you win.

Ka’wi the Gorger: #1 Zandalari Kneebiter #2 Lil’ Bad Wolf/Direhorn Runt

Tip: This fight is about damage and pure RNG – not really timing – Although it does feel lovely to use the Lil’ Bad Wolf’s “Dodge” ability on 2 abilities + a “Chew”. But overall, this fight works the same as Lucky Yi if you have a Zandalari Kneebiter. If RNG works out poorly for you and you get hit by every Moth Ball Ka’wi sends at you, resort to another beast pet with a damage buff and you should win with ease.

Nitun: #1 Direhorn Runt, #2 Lil’ Bad Wolf, (if you even need it #3 Zandalari Kneebiter)

Tips: Nitun is extremely RNG based. You need lots of health, speed, and damage. If you don’t have the health he will Prowl-1 shot you, if you don’t have the speed (or the slow-ability) you will be beaten by his normal base moves, and if you don’t have the damage…. well… you lose. The Zandalari Kneebiter is a gamble in this fight. Either you have good RNG and Nitun hits you once with an ability and on his 2nd or 3rd turn uses prowl – that gives your Zandalari Kneebiter enough time to single-handedly take down Nitun… or you have bad RNG and have to rely on your other 2 pets.

Dos-Ryga: #1 Zandalari Kneebiter, #2 Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling, #3 Lil’ Bad Wolf

Tips: Dos-Ryga is slightly RNG based, but you can predict his moves for the most part. His Whirlpool and Healing Wave have a 3-turn cooldown, so you can bet for 2-3 turns he’ll be using Frost Breath. Health isn’t as much of a concern for this fight as damage and possibly speed is. With the Zandalari Kneebiter, the rotation stays the same as with every fight, “Black Claw” + “Hunting Party”.

Kafi: #1 Living Sandling, #2 Landro, #3 Pocket Reaver

Tips: Kafi either starts with Headbutt and it’s game over for your first pet be it the damage or the stun…. or he starts with a normal move and gives you time to possibly dodge is killer-headbutt. The Living Sandling is a good pet to call out first since it’s “Sandstorm” ability will reduce the accuracy on Kafi’s Headbutt. In general, Kafi hits like a truck so any sort of accuracy-reduction move is great. The Living Sandling can also slow and live for a good length of time; countering Kafi fairly well. My Living Sandling normally downs 65% of Kafi’s health. Then it’s just pew-pew with your mechanical pets! This fight requires endurance and lots of damage!